Share and create photo albums with friends and family

#4 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2013
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I played with Cluster after it first launched and didn't find a need for it although I can see my mom really digging it. She's a photo nut, often creating physical albums and framing her photography but Facebook and Instagram lack the personal interaction of sharing an album with close friends and family. I'll have to try it out again but I'm curious how it overlaps with Heyday and Memoire.
The family photo market is enormous, and if my family is any measure a lot of people still use shutterfly and other print-oriented services. It'll be interesting to watch over the next few years as more and more grandma's start getting iPhones what happens
I may be completely wrong here, but I feel like the more tech-savvy that grandma and grandpa get (I have kids, so there's some understanding here), the more transient photos become. The less we need to put them in albums, b/c grandparents will have way more access to way more content. It's easier to produce the content, easier to send, easier to digest/consume -- do we really need albums? We still print photos or put them into small albums when we want to give my parents or grandparents (so great-grandparents) gifts...but even that's waning. Now I just take a photo or video and Instagram it, where my dad hangs out, or screw it, just send via email and then get email responses back that I share with the kids.
Try the product. I think the comments here are right. But this product is different. Easiest way to collect photos from several ppl in same place and view all together
My parents are in town for the weekend. Perfect time to try it out. :)