Unique challenges with others in your city

Complete unique challenges with others in your city like performing an original song or training for a half marathon. Get out of your comfort zone, and make friends along the way.
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Filip Mares
Cindy Wu
Greg Belote
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  • Greg Belote
    Greg BeloteFounder & CTO, Wefunder

    I love the concept of goal-oriented group activities. It's a great way of getting butts out of chairs and making new friends.


    I can't wait until there are more things!

    I can't recommend Omar enough, he's a great maker.

    Greg Belote has never used this product.
  • Matthew
    MatthewCofounder + CEO @ Maisie

    Clubhouse is a really great way to make friends!


    I wish it was available in other cities, such as when I was studying abroad.

    Can’t wait to see the community grow!

    Matthew has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Clubhouse is the only place to enroll in sustained experiences for city locals. You find purpose and a community. So cool!


    waiting for the team to add more challenges and expand all over the world :)

    Wish them great success. Can definitely see this becoming a movement.

    Sahil Aggarwal has used this product for one month.
  • Mike Mahlkow
    Mike MahlkowCo-Founder @ Blair

    Very convenient way of finding like-minded people. Looking forward to my next group


    I would love an even greater diversity of goals to work towards

    Waiting for the next challenges in SF

    Mike Mahlkow has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    I love that I get to organize a challenge on my bucket list and meet people I can doodle with every week!


    I wish I knew more about the people in my group so that I can learn their interests before starting my group in 2 weeks!

    I wish Clubhouse existed when I lived in Paris for 3 months last year!

    Jiwon Moon has used this product for one month.