Unique challenges with others in your city

Complete unique challenges with others in your city like performing an original song or training for a half marathon. Get out of your comfort zone, and make friends along the way.
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Hey everyone, I’m excited to launch Clubhouse with you all today! The inspiration for Clubhouse came from my personal journey where I went from overweight and unhappy to the fittest I've ever been and finding a community that I loved. The turning point was when I joined the San Francisco Triathlon Club. They offered a 12 week challenge to prepare beginners for their first triathlon. 21 signed up. I never expected it but over the months we became close friends. I feel incredibly fortunate I found such an amazing group, and realized I want to help others find that too. It is through shared experiences that strangers become friends. And nowadays, we don’t have many opportunities outside of work to meet new people. So I created Clubhouse where you can join a small group of like minded others for a month or longer to overcome a challenge together. You’ll accomplish something amazing and make friends along the way. Please hit me up with any questions or comments, thanks!
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@omarshammas Hey Omar great product! I would love to possibly collab with you, you can also post your events/activities on, where I'm building the social network to truly connect and engage with others in real life. I think having Clubhouse would also help others connect!
Hey @edisonjoao6871 great to see others working on this problem. Just signed up for foxie :) Would love to talk more. I'll dm you.
@omarshammas Hey Omar, thanks for messaging me!

Wish them great success. Can definitely see this becoming a movement.


Clubhouse is the only place to enroll in sustained experiences for city locals. You find purpose and a community. So cool!


waiting for the team to add more challenges and expand all over the world :)

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Thanks Sahil :) Working on it!

Can’t wait to see the community grow!


Clubhouse is a really great way to make friends!


I wish it was available in other cities, such as when I was studying abroad.

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I wish Clubhouse existed when I lived in Paris for 3 months last year!


I love that I get to organize a challenge on my bucket list and meet people I can doodle with every week!


I wish I knew more about the people in my group so that I can learn their interests before starting my group in 2 weeks!

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Thanks Jiwon. Can't wait for the Backyard Art Exhibit and see what your group creates! I'm working on adding better tools for organizers. Should be ready in the next few weeks.
There are tons of reasons why I'm stoked for this product. Most of all I'm eager to just learn new things and forge new relationships without networking. Clubhouse seems a genuine way to connect with people around challenging self-improvement. So cool!
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