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Great question. Sorry this is a long answer. Our goal is to build a quality mobile dating service that can be used by anyone and everyone. We don’t have any niche strategies or gimmicks like most of the others. We simply want to help people connect with each other, whether it’s casual dating or finding love. Many of the current mobile dating services are pretty lean on features. Generally it’s a good strategy for most mobile applications. However, when it comes to dating, people want and need to be able to quickly hone in on who they’re looking for. On Clover our goal is to keep the format simple but still provide the necessary advanced functionality that you would expect from a quality dating service. You can use the app like Tinder if you want but you can also use several advanced features to really narrow in on what you might be looking for. Here are a few other reasons why we think you will like Clover over other dating apps. 1. We show everyone that likes you. Most other dating apps charge their users to see who likes them, Clover does not. 30% of connections occur when someone gets liked after they’ve passed on the person previously (people are connecting on Clover that would have never been able to connect on apps like Tinder). Being able to see who likes you gives everyone more time to better assess compatibility. People often pass on others too quickly because they may have had a bad first photo or because they were in a picky mood that day. Making hasty permanent decisions on the spot based on a handful of photos, just to see the next match, is just not an effective way of meeting new people in our opinion. 2. Clover works with or without GPS. We know people have different comfort levels when it comes to privacy and meeting new people. If you don’t want to show your exact distance from other users you don’t have to, you don’t even need to have your location services enabled. Our flexible privacy controls open the service up to more kinds of people, those looking for long lasting relationships or people just looking for something more shorter term. 3. Clover is convenient and effective. We want to create a versatile experience that you can control. There is no pressure to make permanent decisions. If you’re not sure if you like someone you can just simply keep scrolling and come back later. If you accidentally X someone just shake your phone to undo that action and the profile will magically reappear. You can also conveniently keep track of all of your connections with our Prospects management feature 4. Clover is the fastest way to meet people. There are no lengthy questionnaires it only takes one tap to setup your profile and get going. Since you can instantly see who likes you there is no need to wait for a mutual match so you can start chatting with people immediately, if you don’t have anyone that likes you yet you can simply use a few Clover coins to start up a conversation. 5. SocialMatch. On Clover suggested matches are curated using our proprietary algorithm called SocialMatch. It’s based on a combination of your personal attributes, personality traits, popularity, social tendencies and other behavioural factors related to how you interact with users. We feel to truly compete in this space we need to get really good at presenting people with the most accurate matches that are not only compatible but also are aligned with your personal intentions and goals. tl;dr Clover is awesome! :)
@isaacraichyk Hi Isaac. Great concept. It's nice to see a different twist on dating apps. I tried Tinder briefly, but deleted it as A) I dislike Facebook, and deactivated mine. B) Seemed a bit sleazy & superficial. I really like that Clover allows you to see who's liked you. On Tinder, I found myself navigating potential matches in a superficial manner: "He's *too* good looking; I'll just swipe left." The opportunity to connect with someone you might have originally passed over is unique and valuable. How do you plan to monetize Clover? Eventually shift toward a subscription model? Freemium?
@stttories Hi Tori. Thanks for the question. It’s only been three months since we've launched and we are already generating revenue. Clover has a unique virtual currency system as well as a premium upgrade component. You can use Clover coins to unlock advanced features on the app. For example, people can normally chat for free with people that like them but they can pay to chat immediately for a few Clover coins (kind of like LinkedIn’s InMail system). You can also use coins to unlock private photos and send gifts. With Clover Premium, people can unlock advanced features for a small monthly fee. Premium provides the ability to access several powerful filters, extended profiles, read receipts, prospecting sorting, account verification and more exciting things coming very soon. :)
@stttories @isaacraichyk I can't able to download will u help me I'm from Philippines
@isaacraichyk why I can't download ?? Will u help me I'm from philippines
why clover over other dating apps?
Hey I can't download this clover it doesn't allow me
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