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Crowdsourced data on hundreds of upcoming rappers.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2018

Crowdsourced data on hundreds of rappers, ranked. Social media following, track plays, and more.

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Hey PH πŸ‘‹ I'm a huge hip hop fan and I've always wanted to build a product like this! I compiled a list of over one hundred upcoming rappers and used APIs and scrapers to get over 2,600 total data points! You can sort, filter, and search the following data: - Gender, age, location, record label, and region - SoundCloud follower and track count - Instagram, twitter, and facebook follower data - YouTube subscriber data, plays, and video count - Spotify popularity, followers, track count I think this is particularly useful/monetizable for: πŸ’Ώ record labels looking for new talent πŸ₯ concert/entertainment venues that want to gauge the size of the audience of an artists 🎧 artists looking to collaborate with other artists 😎 finding artists "before it was cool" The data is crowdsourced, so if you see missing data or something is wrong, please fix it! And please add new artists if you see any missing. I built this whole project in 24 hours on Twitch! You can find the video on my channel P.S. Oh and sorry SSL isn't working here. Waiting on Cloudflare (hope to be hooked up by the morning :) edit: SSL fixed
@thepatwalls you build this project in 24hrs πŸ˜‰
@thepatwalls Considering recent trends in rap, there should be a column, where you can rank rappers by number of tattoos on their face πŸ˜’
Or filter them out completely, one would hope
Although I am not a big fan of hiphop, I love your way of building products in the public. This is exactly what motivates makers all over the world to finally ship their awesome side projects and publish them here. Kudos to @thepatwalls !
@krebs_adrian Thanks man!! Means the world 😊
@thepatwalls It's a shame how low Cozz & J.I.D's clout scores are, but still love this
Congrats on the launch Pat! You're the new leader of the "24 hour squad" πŸ˜„
That looks interesting Pat, congrats on yet another launch. I was surprised to see so many from Florida! Congrats to @digitalsparky as well! :)
@digitalsparky @guillaumebardet Florida has a HUGE scene and has recently blown up.