Cloudways Startup Program

Managed hosting, tools & mentorship for startups

Cloudways Startup program is made to help startups succeed.

Whether you are bootstrapped or funded, or at any stage of the startup lifecycle, get Personalized Mentorship, Premium Growth Tools, and Free Managed Hosting Credits to get up and running fast.

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Thanks a lot for hunting Cloudways Startup program @hnshah The purpose of our startup program is to support startups that are ready to grow, appreciate guidance from “been there, done that” kind of people and need technical infrastructure that scales with them. Being a managed hosting company, we have seen many startups rise and fall. With this initiative we would like to make an impact, by enabling the enrolled startups to grow sustainably and by providing them with personalized mentorship to keep their focus on the things that matter. In order to do so, we have teamed up with numerous design, development and marketing platforms and we are hopeful that this will give startups the technical edge they require to be a success. We have designed it in a way that both, bootstrapped and funded startups, can enroll. They will get exclusive support through three packages: Build, Grow, and Expand, and then placed accordingly. Let us know what do you think about our program and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. It will help us improve it further.
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@hnshah @phospital I think this is a really interesting concept, and I can't wait to see what awesome startups blossom out of this new program. Just applied to the program for StudyClick, a project of ours which is currently still under development. Looking forward to hearing your response! :)
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@hnshah @tpbtv looking forward to complement the good luck that you are going to need with a friendly environment to grow and some good advice!
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@hnshah @tpbtv @phospital thanks for the support! They're handling it perfectly and I'm sticking around. Super exciting things you guys are working on!
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Thank you for hunting Cloudways Startup program @hnshah. Further to what Pere mentioned: Besides our spirit of "Giving Back" and Contribute to the Community, the Three aspects are VERY important (for Startups) and are the main WHY behind this initiative. 1- FOCUS 2- AGILITY and Lean Cost structures 3- Connecting with "Been there, Done that" Cloudways Platform and the Startup program really helps Startups to FOCUS on what matters so they can move the Important needles. Likewise, it enables them with Rapid experimentation, reducing the time to market and their cost structure. Finally, helping them with Consulting Wisdom and connecting with BTDT mentors. Ideas and Feedback are most welcome! Thx!
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I hunted Cloudways about 2 years ago. Now they are more mature as a company and are introducing a startup program to help early stage companies that want help with managed hosting and more. Regardless of your technical skills, Cloudways can help you get started.
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@hnshah Looks great! Hope it will be a hit with the startup community. I have personally observed that not having a clear focus can kill the startup dream of many. Hope CW could help with that.
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Looks interesting! Our team at Flawless App will check it out :)
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@lisadziuba Looking forward to help!
Gosh, love it! From my pov, it’s super important and useful for all startups. So, thank you guys for job you did!
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@ruslannaz We really appreciate your support. Thanks <3
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@ruslannaz been doing it for a while with a Startup acceleration program of the Catalan government. I very much like it, and much more when you see some of the startups flourish (unluckily, not all do). Looking forward to do the same for the wider Cloudways community!
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