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We recently saw Polymail launch with a huuuuuge response after Mailbox announced it was shutting down. How do you justify charging $20 for a mac email client vs a free app like Polymail? Especially with no free trial. Honestly I'm still figuring out why I need any extra email 'fluff' that warrants me using an app other than just using Gmail. I downloaded Polymail but never use it, and since updating I've had issues getting back into it. So that barrier is enough for me to probably not bother with it. Emails on my browser are just so convenient for me I feel that there must be something extra special that really makes me want to take the effort. Would love to hear what you have to tell us about CloudMagic @rohitnadhani & team
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@bentossell - Our 3M mobile users have been asking for a native Mac app. This is by far the #1 feature request. - If you are only a Gmail user, one of the advantages of a native app is increased snappiness, alt tab switching, etc (basically every advantage of a desktop app) - CloudMagic really shines when you have multiple email accounts across vendors (Work, Personal, University). Our users register 2.6 accounts on an average - By charging for the desktop app, we are trying to create a legit & clean business model
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@bentossell "I downloaded Polymail but never use it, and since updating I've had issues getting back into it": 1) how come you never use it 2) what do you mean by "since updating"? updating what and why's that affect things?
@_jacksmith when I first got it, I couldn't see an unread vs all in my inbox... that put me off. Not sure I need all the bells and whistles. I star emails for later, read, reply and delete. I'm always on top of them each day. I was promted today with an update to install, so I did. Now it keeps asking me to sign in, when I type in my details it says can't upgrade existing account. Assume a bug, but don't have time for it when Gmail does everything I need atm.
@bentossell If you have multiple email accounts a client is really necessary. I have to imagine Google is thinking about that though, and will have a solution eventually. That being said Polymail is the best new Mac email app on the market, would have tried CloudMagic if there was a trial but would never pay $20 out of the gate
@bentossell Got an e-mail from @karthiksuroju asking me to join the conversation on Product Hunt and share my thoughts. So here are my thoughts: 1) I never joined the mailing list for this product 2) The e-mail address it was sent to was the e-mail address I use for some of the Product Hunt slack channels, which tells me it's been farmed (not cool). 3) I've never used CloudMagic before in my life, and since I'm a Windows user, I really don't see how this product is relevant to me. 4) I am now wondering - if I was using CloudMagic, would it have the ability to filter out unsolicited spam? General consensus from other commenters seems to be that there should be a LITE version of this app (if a trial isn't possible), which would allow users to explore base features of the product before committing to a full purchase.
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Hello Product Hunters! I’m super excited to be here. Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us! A little background- We launched CloudMagic mobile apps around 2 years ago, with the aim of providing the best emailing experience on mobile devices. We take pride in the fact that we are a 4.5 star rated email app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and being used by 3 million users. Why we built a Mac app- After iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android, a desktop app was the natural next step. Our mobile users had also started banging our doors for a native Mac app. Moreover, we wanted to provide a consistent user experience across all devices. CloudMagic for Mac ( is the most ambitious thing we have ever done, and perhaps the most opinionated email app ever made for the desktop. Here are some of our best features so far: - We support all types of email accounts, including all versions of Exchange: ActiveSync (EAS), EWS & IMAP - Handoff: Automatically “hand off” what you’re doing from iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to Mac. - Easily manage your emails from Inbox View with one-click actions (Archive, Delete etc) - Keyboard shortcuts that help you get things done quickly (A - Archive, R- Reply etc) I’ll be here all day answering your queries. *FREE Promo Codes* We love the PH community and to show our love, we are giving away 25 Free Promo Codes exclusively to Product Hunters :) ALL the Product Hunters stand a chance to win 1 of the 25 promo Codes when they visit our website. Read how -
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@rohitnadhani Was not sure how to request the promo code. Assume this is the request)
@nikitakorotaev @rohitnadhani We are giving away promo codes at random to hunters who visit our website through product Hunt. We reserved 25 for Product Hunters. Apple only provides 100 and hence the limit. Let me see if I can get you a promo code :)
@karthiksuroju ditto on the request - I don't see anything on the page
@karthiksuroju oooo I will have one of those please
@rohitnadhani Where do you request the promo code - I don't see anything on that FAQ page, or the home page?
YES I have been waiting and waiting for this and now I have THREE Mac mail apps competing for my dock slot: Polymail, Nyla's N1, CloudMagic.
@cohix who do you think will win you over?
@karthiksuroju right now polymail seems to be winning, but CloudMagic iOS is SO good, I almost need a polymail iOS before I make my decision.
@cohix right there with you. Been quite happy with Polymail so far, but would love the "organise by person" feature of UniboxApp then I could die happy :)
@khurammalik @cohix Why not just use Unibox? Just asking as we always try to make Unibox better.
@lassejansen @cohix I took a look at the website but didn't see any support for email tracking, send later, dropbox/grive integration etc? I would definitely use Unibox if I knew those things were available.
There was a time at my previous company where we did not have the resources yet to put everyone on google for work, and we used a standard postfix server with unix accounts. Cloudmagic has been incredibly helpful in that, because: * it's the only highly configurable smtp/imap ready app working on both iOS and android I found * its middle man login made it easier for user to manage their password, compared to unix passwords * I could setup account for users, configure their account, then they just download the app, log in and they're ready to go Cloudmagic is the perfect solution if you're after something cheap yet not a pain for your collegues :)
We are seeing some confusion around how our Promo Code give away strategy, let me throw some light on it - Because of the app store restrictions, we had to have a limit on number of promo codes that we can offer. We saw others on Product Hunt commenting the promo codes and felt it is an unfair advantage for early birds. hence we tried something new - Hunters who visit the website from our Product Hunt page have a one-in-a-hundred chance of winning an exclusive PH promo code. We have randomized the entire process so that the 1st person is as likely to win as anyone else. Here's what you'll see if Lady Luck smiles on you - “The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance.” - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight
@karthiksuroju Does it ONLY tell you if you've won and say nothing at all if you didn't? That's a bit confusing. You would eliminate much of the confusion if everyone that landed on the page from PH was shown a Win or Lose message accordingly as opposed to only showing WIN messages to those 25 people
@mobilegreg @karthiksuroju Only the ones who win will see the form. We didn't want to show any message to all the others, as we thought it'll not add much value. But, didn't think it would confuse people. Like I said, this is something we tried for the 1st time on PH. We'll keep this in mind if we do something similar next time :)