Explore and experience Business Applications

There's a growing number of directories for business applications / SaaS B2B products. I've been fascinated by the different approaches to directories that I've seen and there still isn't one that's taken over the market yet. Cloudlly's got a simple homepage that starts with an auto-completed search experience. I like the simplicity of the initial experience.
@hnshah Interesting - this seems to be optimized for the user who knows what they are looking for (i.e. want to know more about) as opposed to discovering new products?
Neat! I like that it puts everything about a product/service in one place. You don't need to do a thing! For example, here is my startup
Note for the founder - I seem to be stuck on this page that keeps asking me for my login. Is there anyway to use this without logging in? I was able to do 1 search and after that I can't get off this login screen.
did three searches then hit "pay" wall. i really love the idea/concept... so far couldn't find any user reviews on the products i searched. suggestion would be to also add pricing. also beef up competitor page. i hope they continue to work on it and build out the website.
Yeah I tried to add a list just now, that page wouldn't submit. So seems there are some rough edges in this product currently. I did submit a review though, that worked.