CloudApp Trello Power-Up

Attach your CloudApp drops to your Trello cards on the fly!

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Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
CloudApp is my favorite tool for making GIFs (I end up recommending it to people daily). Cool to see the Trello integration! I see more and more CloudApp links shared in the Product Hunt and AngelList Slacks 😊
Oscar Swanros
Oscar SwanrosMaker@swanros · Software Engineer @ CloudApp
@nivo0o0 That's awesome! 🤠
Oscar Swanros
Oscar SwanrosMaker@swanros · Software Engineer @ CloudApp
We’re excited to finally be able to share this with you guys. We believe our new Trello integration will enable some powerful workflows for anyone that wants to get stuff done. As always, we’ll be answering any questions you guys might have! 🎉
Douglas Evaristo
Douglas Evaristo@douglasevaristo · Product Manager
Kalo Yankulov
Kalo Yankulov@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
A great addition to the CloudApp features list.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael@_jason_michael
The Force is strong in this one. I use CloudApp hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of times throughout the week. It is, without a doubt, the most used app on my Mac. Thanks for making it better with the Trello integration!