CloudApp Collections + Dark Mode

Shared collections for your team videos, screenshots & GIFs

Collections from CloudApp allows you to organize your most important content, to keep it accessible in your desktop, and to instantly share it with a colleague or customer.
Also... we updated our Mac UI and added what everyone demans these days.. DARK MODE!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I use this every day. It's magical.
@ryohara Awesome! Thanks for being a part of the community
Love this new update. Thanks for hunting this down Nick! You can check out some great use cases for Collections and how to get started in two places here - here - Thanks to everyone for being a part of our community!
Thanks for hunting this Nick! Scott from CloudApp here (i made the little video walkthrough above) Really excited to release this powerful new content management feature within CloudApp, and to bring you the highly requested dark mode! If you're new to CloudApp, we enable instant communication through shareable videos, gifs, and screenshots. CloudApp can be used to explain a bug report with a 1 minute video you've made instead of 2 paragraphs of text, or you can annotate an image with an arrow to point out something for your design team to fix. And if you're trying to break into a new account or upsell a customer, showing off how your new features work to a prospect works much better than text or a 'quick call'. Nobody wants to do a quick call 8). This new update to CloudApp brings a lot of great new features: - Create collections of your most used content directly in the Desktop app - An updated beautiful UI to more closely match the Apple look and feel (Windows updates soon!) - Dark mode to ensure that we support your workflow, whether you're working mid-day or middle of the night You can download our new desktop app here (for mac or windows):
Love this app. Great update. Only request: I would love to have some sort of file organization folder on my computer to make handling these files easier (I make too many videos!)