Record videos/GIFs from the menu bar, with all new features!

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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
QUESTION: Niv, what do you use to create all those GIFs? πŸ€” ANSWER: @CloudApp This happens all the time. -- Cloud app just released a new version of their menu bar app, I highly suggest you check it out. Been beta testing it for the past few weeks and it's improved my ability to make GIFs a lot. Particularly, because of the new ability to stop and start GIFs whole recording. (can also record videos). A big part of the update (which I was not aware of!) but will definitely start using is the ability to drag an image/GIF from CloudApp in your menu bar to Slack, Google Docs, Keynote, etc. Another recent addition (which saves soooo much time) is a setting where you can auto-save all the files to desktop. I can't live without it. ✌️
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Kalo Yankulov
Founder of
I love this App! It's in my top 3 Mac apps of all time.
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Big, big fan of CloudApp. I use mine with a custom short domain, so when I send screen snippets, a short link is automatically created and copied to my clipboard. New features look great.
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Nick Frost
Product Hunt user #69
We use this at Mattermark and love everything about it. You should try it, too! That's all πŸ˜„
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Greg Gilbert
I make products and run companies.
I'm a big big fan of Cloud app. Great team and awesome product.
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