Cloud Functions for Firebase

Run your mobile backend code without managing servers

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(Cloud Functions for Firebase PM here) We’ve been developing this product for years, and we’ve had it in private alpha testing for well over a year, so we’re incredibly excited to finally take the wrappings off and let all of you try it. Firebase has always focused on empowering you all to build extraordinary experiences for your users, without needing to worry about building common infrastructure. While we’ve made big strides towards this vision in the past, we always had one big hole: trusted code execution. Today, we’re completing the story with Cloud Functions for Firebase so that you can easily run server-side code in response to events from your Firebase app. We think you’re going to love it, and we can’t wait to see what you build with it!
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@ok So like could an app like snapchat have been built soley on firebase? We know they use App Engine but with Cloud Functions, could they reach their current scale & most if not all their capability with just Firebase?
Bam, server side scripting now possible in Firebase! Now, literally anything is possible without leaving their service!
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@chadwhitaker thats how i feel right now! perfect gif for such awesome news 😍
been using it as part of the preview. If you thought Firebase was a gamechanger (and it is) wait to you see how well Firebase Cloud Functions can sew together Google Cloud services, react to events in the Firebase DB etc..
Epic - time to ditch the server 😀 I hope the documentation is as good as the rest of Firebase's. Looking forward to seeing some demos on their YouTube channel too - for a front-end noob to pick-up and start tinkering!