AppDrag is a cloud CMS and backend for web professionals


  • Wassim Samad
    Wassim SamadFull Stack Developer, Appalga

    Its simplicity of utilisation and all its features!


    Some advanced features might require beginners to read the documentation

    I use AppDrag for my agency to develop websites, shops, newsletters and I love this solution.

    I earned a lot of time for the setup and development time with better performances. I can focus more on my business and the content itself.

    Furthermore the white label solution provides me a professional portal to let my customer do some adjustments on their projects.

    Wassim Samad has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    I can produce so faster now


    i can't find any :)

    Great work AppDrag Team! I was waiting for a tool like that for so long... You've definitely resolved all the common issues in integrating a CMS builder for me!

    Oren Simon Benitah has used this product for one month.


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Joseph Benguira
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
Hello, I'm Joseph Benguira, Founder & CTO of AppDrag First of all i would like to start with a few words about me: I'm a passionated developer since the age of 8 and also a computer engineer for 15 years. I have my own custom dev company since 2009. All this experience lead me to create AppDrag. AppDrag is a web development platform where you can create visually a professional grade website with blog and ecommerce. We have created from scratch an innovative technology solution that makes us the most effective platform on the market for web professionals. Right now 60% of web professionals use WordPress or other traditional CMS to create and deliver websites but they face several issues: Installation & Maintenance cost a lot of time, performances are not amazing, hacking is a real issue with millions of sites hacked each year. it's not scalable and because it's running on a single server there is no high availability, if your server is down, your website is offline. About B2C Websites builders like wix / weebly / squarespace and others: Web professionals can't use them because: They don’t give access to source code which is absolutely required by professionals, it’s very hard to get indexed by google and they don’t provide a white label portal for customers. AppDrag allow web professionals to produce websites 5x faster than any other CMS. We provide reliable and secured cloud hosting with performances up to 10x faster than competitors. We are the only global solution to combine all required services like E-mail Marketing, Domains, Translations, hosting and more…. With AppDrag, web professionals will spend less time on each project and will be able to considerably increase their margins. I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to ask any question! We would love to hear your thoughts!
You claim that you are the fastest cloud hosting on the market but i was wondering how is that possible?
Joseph Benguira
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
@kobie12 Hey, AppDrag is built from scratch with 2 things in mind: Security & Performances. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and is using load balancer, auto scaling group and multiple region presence to ensure world class level hosting with high quality Tier-1 bandwidth and a powerful CDN (CloudFront) with 62 points of presence in the world Our processing pipeline is using several caching mechanism and tons of optimizations to achieve very high performances (150ms for a cold loading and less than 50ms for a cached request)
Roman  Kamushken
Roman Kamushken@kamushken · Product Designer
Oh, God.. please avoid text justifying!