Weather and clothes recommendations in one app

Clotim is an android and web app that recommends clothes to wear based on the weather around you.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Would be nice if there would be an option to manually change the location... Otherwise, great app!
@phippuuuu Yeah! That would be really useful for people working in a different city where they live or also if you're going on a trip. Thanks a lot for the feedback and the idea I'll work on it asap! 🙌
Hello PH community, excited to launch my first product here! Clotim is a free Android and Web app that recommends clothes to wear based on the weather around you. I built it because I've never understood very well all those fancy weather apps with too much information and I was tired to ask around, or find myself wearing the wrong clothes 😅 In Clotim, you will see: - A list of Clothes recommendations based on the weather and other criteria (rain, humidity, etc). - The current weather and the forecast for your location in a simple and fancy way. - Confetti 🎉 and other surprises (pstt. the interface and icons adapts itself to the time of the day, eg: Day and night... ^_^) - Some nice extras: umbrella reminders, occasional notifications and quotes. Would love to hear your feedback! Hoping you'll never wear the wrong clothes 😜 Android: iOS: Web version:
@jgferreiro This is cool but can it give recommendations for unpredictable London weather? ☔️🌫⛈⛅️
@abadesi hahaha! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, we're doing our best to beat London's weather! I think the "Umbrella reminders", a friendly notification to do not forget the umbrella at home, will be a killing feature for Londoners 😂 Let us know how well Clotim is working in London! 😄☔️👕👖
I love this idea so much! It might help end the scourge of bringing a hoodie in a bag "just in case" 🙌
@aaronoleary hahaha! Yeah! Clotim not only helps you choosing the right clothes 👕👖, but also saves you space on the backpack #noMoreJustInCaseHoddies 😂 Thanks for your comment!
@jgferreiro Hey I think we can get that trending, #noMoreJustInCaseHoodies I like it, it will take off especially well on Irish twitter 😂
@aaronoleary hahahaha. Let's do it! #noMoreJustInCaseHoodies movement is now unstoppable! 😂
#Fun #fact about Clotim #app #design: All the icons (Weather and clothes) have been designed specifically for the app. Big shoutouts to @ AngeDuDesign who has made an awesome job creating them! 🙌 🙌 🙌

Clotim solves the problem of figuring out what to wear when you wake up in the morning. The simplicity is a plus in this case, since it gives you what you need in seconds through a nice polished UI. Also, no ads or annoying stuff!


Clean interface and focused purpose


Nothing in particular!