Send email follow-ups that don't suck.

ClosingPage is a modern tool to follow up with customers by sharing beautiful, personalized sales pages instead of traditional attachments. Think of it like Calendly for your sales content. One simple branded link under which all of your deal content for each customer lives. Save time with templates and be informed on which content is closing more deals. There's a free plan and all you need is a Linkedin account to get started!

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Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m KP, co-founder of ClosingPage. Our team has been building this product and testing with limited audience over the last year. So excited to finally share our newest version with you (Product Hunt family) and get feedback. After speaking with tons of people in sales, we realized how broken the traditional email follow-ups today are from both ends. From the sales professional's perspective (no way to stand out from all the collateral clutter) and the prospect's view (who just wants mobile-friendly modern follow-ups instead of the 7 attachments from the rep). We believed there's got to be a better way. Meet ClosingPage, a modern way to follow-up with customers with a simple branded web link (Think Calendly!) with all the relevant content needed for the deal. During our early access period we’ve seen people use ClosingPage for many use-cases. Startup founders following-up with investors or big clients. B2B SaaS sales professionals following-up with buyers. Even SDRs using ClosingPage during prospecting stages to share sales content. We're still looking to learn about these interesting use-cases and make the product adapt to customers' needs. Would love your opinion and feedback on the product. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments or email me at or @thisiskp_ on Twitter. Since we love you guys, the PH community and because your feedback will shape ClosingPage, if you sign up today (Feb 15, 2018) by visiting from Product Hunt, you’ll get the Professional plan ($9.99/mon) for 50% for LIFE so you can transform your follow-ups. It's a limited time offer, so jump on before it's too late.
@closingpage @thisiskp_ sounds good. you got me at "who just wants mobile-friendly modern follow-ups instead of the 7 attachments from the rep" - let's try this...will feedback
@closingpage @alexandremayol Great to hear that Alex. Feel free to sign-up & let me know how things go. Happy to onboard you 1-1 & walk you thru some quick hacks inside the product. Let me know!
This is a great idea. I can’t pinpoint specific examples right now, but it seems like this idea—sending links with situation-specific content—has further reaching applications than just sales follow-ups.
@wesleyforlines Thank you Wesley. You are right. There are far reaching applications beyond what we are looking at right now. And hopefully our user behavior will unlock those niches. We started on this path after being inspired by the way Calendly eliminated the calendar-invite-ping-pong and wondered if we could do the same to content. I hope you'll try/play with ClosingPage and suggest where else you personally see it deliver value.
Great execution, slick UX. Signed up and had a play with it - really simple to use.
@leandrobthomas thanks sir! Appreciate your feedback.

I used it for customer discovery and raked up a 50% open rate.


Bad ass sales follow up tool


I want more ...

Looks amazing guys!
@arielassaraf Thank you very much. 😊