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Product Hunt-like collections for crowdsourced stock tips

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Hey folks. I made some collections for some inspiration: Cults: Companies with cult followings Drones: The robot revolution begins Cyber Security: Companies keep getting hacked. These companies benefit. What ClosingBell offers is the ability to see what people think of these collections and how they correlate. It will be interesting to see how these collections move up and down the charts over time.
This is great. Nice work!
This is really interesting. @brandwagon, love the whole concept. What's the overall incentive for community members to keep up their track record? Typically sharing stock tips / recs is a for-profit or gain endeavor, not altruistic (IMO) - how do you keep core users over the long term?
@dshan It's being worked on. There are a number of ways this can go. The marketplace model, where people can build up a track record and start charging, is probably the most obvious. In the short term, the premium features will be unlocked if you perform well - and there will be more over time. This is not out yet, but it's in the works. I'm also working on ways to help people promote their services. There are financial advisors and other people who want to validate their offerings through a track record on the platform. So I'll be doing more to help them promote. I'm also working on a program to help pay out the best performers, from money generated from the freemium model. A lot can be done here, and I'm working hard to incentivize people. I've even considered equity (like RedditNotes).
@brandwagon All great ideas, thanks for answering. I ran my book through Raymond James for ~7 years prior to startup life, and would have killed for something like this at the time. Self promotion is tricky due to regs but has opened up a lot since I was working. Is this a bot? I think price alerts would help me get going... a few equities are near where I'd rate a Buy but not quite yet, and I don't follow the market regularly. If I could get an alert when they hit I'd be likely to come in and make a tip. #twocents All in all, superb product so far.
@dshan Thanks. I have a feed of sell side analysts that I populate the database with. The firms are ranked separately from the rest of the community. I'll be doing more with the data to compare the thousands of people on ClosingBell to Wall Street. I agree with the alerts. I just had a conversation about that yesterday. The idea of timed ratings is something that really interests me (or rule-based expirations). And just for the people watching the ratings, there could be a lot done with alerts for them, as well. Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to join the ClosingBell slack. I'm always in there, along with a bunch of community members ->