Meet Closer - a conversational business platform that’s much more than a chat. Combining ultra-fast messaging with screen sharing, co-browsing, HD audio & video calls and bots allows you to move from lead capture widgets to a complete deal closer solution.
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Hi! Szymon from Closer here. Happy to answer any questions you might have about Closer. All of us here at Closer are super delighted to present you our solution. We are also grateful to everyone who gives us feedback, so that we can get even better on our mission to connect customers & businesses in a human way. We aim to help you make a transition from the limited chat solutions to rich media communication in order to create a better experience for your buyers, and to allow you to be brilliant with customers.
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Hey, it's Peter from Closer. I just want to drop a link here to our Onboarding Webinar, feel free to sign up. And please don't hesitate to ask anything here :)
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@pdziedzicz your site and the webinar links are out, any thoughts?
@frankopazo hey Francisco, as I told you, currently we're updating our website. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Livechat, Zoom, and Calendly in one? That's cool, have to go deeper to use it in my sales process.
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Love it 🙂


Clean, simple interface with powerful features underneath.


Minor glitches here and there + not remembering the session. But nothing major.

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thanks Anna for your feedback!
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Guys, we see a lot of comments in our widget that you are concern about Szymon eyes. Don't worry he's fine, just a lot of stuff to prepare for today's Product Hunt :)
Szymon today
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@pdziedzicz you can't always get everything right. In the promo video I didn't nail blinking just yet, but I'm working on it ;)
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