Cloud based static hosting service

Clodui is a static website hosting service; drag and drop your files to create a website; we'll optimize it, including images and served via global CDN. Create forms to handle HTML form submissions and send email notifications
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Hello Hunters, Super excited to share Clodui with everyone here. I built this product for those who want to deploy a static website quickly and no need to do any programming for handling form submissions, and spend less time on optimizing the assets to improve website speed. Currently in alpha, contains the following features - Create websites by drag and drop files - Global CDN - Create forms to handle form submissions - Atomic deployment and instant rollback - Asset optimization(HTML, CSS, JS, and images). - Add custom domain - Image resize support using querystring - Client-Hint based image resizing Thank you for checking this out, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.
@rajeesh_c_v I love this idea! I have a product I am building that I think will help this scale. Is there someone I can talk to about this some more?
@mareddyjai sure, how can I reach you?
@rajeesh_c_v what is your email? I can email you right now!
@mareddyjai send you a DM in twitter
Brilliant idea Rajeesh, all the best!
Interesting alternative to Netlify, specially in the paid plans! I've enjoyed the simplicity of it. You guys should consider using Netlify's way of measuring deployments though, at least on the free plan. People are used to having 300 build minutes on the free Netlify plan. A direct comparison with the 100 fixed builds offered on your free plan makes it look less competitive.
@marcio_duarte thank you for your feedback. I'm yet to finalize on the pricing, but I plan to have 100 deployments per website, not per user. I'll update the website to make it more clear. If I'm not mistaken Netlify does this per user Thank You Rajeesh
@rajeesh_c_v Got it, thanks for clarifying.
it appears to be down at the moment.
@brian_rountree no, what you're getting