Keep track of people in different time zones

Track what time it is for your friends or coworkers in different time zones, all from your Mac's menubar.

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Would it be possible to not just see their current time, but switch my own time and see what that would be for the others? Like WorldTimeBuddy?
@thalassavanbeek - You can use the slider across the bottom to adjust the time and it will show you how all timezones adjust.
I've been using this for months now and really like it. I work with API's and need to constantly convert current and recent timestamps from my time zone to UTC time. Other tools like are neat, but I love the convenience of this tool living in my menu bar.
I had been looking for something like this, then I settled on the default apple world clock widget on the notification sidebar. This looks good though!

I would love to select at least 2 locations to be all time visible on my status bar


Simple and easy way to quick glance at timezones (or favorite timezone)


You can only choose one favorite location