Dating matches for city based millennials.

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Hey guys, We have rebuilt Clocked with the aim to bring the best dating experiences aimed at millennial users in cities around the world, starting with London. We do this by shortlisting daily compatible matches for each user, saving you time when finding people you have stuff in common with. Then we are looking for partners who add value to the ecosystem with curated/ aggregated services that apply to dating from music to going out to activities. So far we have integrated Dojo to give our users the ability to suggest the best places to go on a date in London. If you match with a user, you can suggest these places within the chat function on the app. We would love feedback on the app and we are here to answer any questions or take suggestions!
@benjameslambert Hey Ben! With the abundance of dating apps nowadays, why should someone use Clocked for their dating? 😄
@bentossell @benjameslambert Hey Ben. Thanks for reaching out. We want to bring the best experience to city based daters. We find that people have less time due to busy work schedules, and don't want to waste that time with people they have nothing in common with. We match you to others based on questions that we have created with a dating psychiatrist and other filters that you can enter. Instead of spending hours swiping through profiles, you just get a few suggestions a day. When you match, you can then suggest the best places to go out inside the app, through our partner that we have integrated. Our mission is to save you time finding the perfect date! Hope that gives you a few good reasons :)
@benjameslambert Is Alice, 25 in Finance on the app?
@eddiedaroza @benjameslambert haha yes she is. She is not called Alice, nor is she in Finance in real life though...And clearly I can't reveal her actual name as that would not be right but download and you might be compatible with her!
Sounds like a great idea. Are you going to take this global afterwards? I see why focusing on London would make sense but think this would be cool as a global offering after.
@robw_r Yes we are. We want to bring the best local experience to each city for people dating. We will partner with curated aggregated services in each city to do this. So yeh... plan is to help London then head abroad. Probably Paris next.
Cool will definitely check it out!
Love it
@flaviudunca any growth hacking tips would be awesome!
Looks awesome, downloaded, Just wish people around my area had it haha.
@leachy114 They will be soon enough :) we have to start the concept with London... it's going pretty well. Then we will raise money in order to take it global!