Cloak for Teams

Super-simple VPN for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Awesome. I've been a cloak user for a long time. Definitely the easiest to use VPN for both mac and ios. Looks like this gives a discount for teams + they've launched even more data centers which means it's even more likely you'll have a data center near you whenever you are (makes connection faster).
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@mscccc Thanks Mike. We have 24 Datacenters on the way. All owned & operated and using some cool new technology you won't see in most places. Stay tuned and thanks for using Cloak.
I'm a very big fan of Cloak. I've used them for as long as I can remember. They are the easiest VPN for Mac period. I now have two amazing apps, first 1Password and now Cloak, that have released Team versions this year. Can't wait to get my team using this service.
@ravenjon Thank you Jon. Look forward to having Raven Tools on Cloak for Teams! -
@snickn already done! :) Also, nice job on transitioning existing accounts. Everything looks very well thought out.
So fun to see this here. Thanks for the kind words, y'all.
cool! I should try it.
@tranmautritam 14 day free trial. go for it!
Great to see. I run a small VPN set of sites, are you looking for any affiliates right now?
@paulsavage We are starting to look at affiliate setups - drop us an email -