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This reminds me of a recent blog post @mgsiegler published about shots shots shots and Kamcord's pivot into screenshot+video sharing. I'm curious to see how people use this format to EXPRESS THEMSELVES!
@rrhoover @mgsiegler us too :) As i told Niv, we didnt mean to go public with it yet. The feature from Apple came as a complete surprise. We are now working on meshing videos from the web with your own. Would love your thoughts when we are done, as someone who is interested in this type of content (I know you were a Mindie fan)
@bulleitandcoke @rrhoover @mgsiegler Yup, been down this road. Will be interesting to see how this evolves from a utility. Are there plans to add a consumption component? One thing I would recommend is altering your preview/share screen to not be 100% width. This is something that we ran into problems with, though we focus primarily on screenshots.
@_gordee @rrhoover @mgsiegler for sure we will have a consumption component. But now focusing on allowing people to share any video from anywhere with ClippyCam
This app is really fun! Congrats to Chen, Itay, and the team on the launch (and getting prominently featured by Apple). Love all the experimenting that you're doing. Chen also created Clippy, one of my favorite apps for editing videos on mobile: Here's the first ClippyCam video I ever did, can see a lot of creativity coming with this type of format and overlaying videos on top of videos and videos on top of still images. Update: I've gone meta and converted the ClippyCam video into a GIF using Clippy and added Emojis ✨
Thanks for the hunt Niv! Hi All. My co founder @itay1336 and I released ClippyCam as an experiment of a new kind of photo and video sharing. Rather than say what you want about a photo or a video with text, you can record yourself on top of it. This is actually not the final product - It’s just something we hacked in 3 weeks. V1.0 which will be released in a couple of weeks will integrate Clippy into ClippyCam, so you will be able to put yourself inside any video from the web. So if you share a news piece or a football play you can record yourself directly on the video. Or if you share a music video from Ariana Grande you can record yourself dancing next to her. Let me know if you have any questions. I can also be reached at
UPDATE: This is a cool use case! ClippyCam lets you narrate your photos See @Nivo0o0 Tweet for audio 🔊 See @ProductHunt tweet for detail: *Note: Tower Bridge is not actualllly sponsored by Periscope ☺️
@nivo0o0 if I could pick between 5 users like @nivo0o0 or 20k average users, that'd be a close call...
Like a super easy version of TouchCast! Cool stuff!