Full-featured clipboard manager for Mac and iOS



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TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Big fan of Copied myself, but this new clipboard manager certainly looks great and has all the bells & whistles one needs in a modern Mac/iOS tool. Sync through iCloud, smart contextual actions, a Today widget for quick access and managing, 3D Touch, Quick Actions, Peek and Pop, Multitasking and Spotlight integration. Nice!
robertprince@robertprince · VP Engineering, ActiveRain
kind of like pushbullet but mac only?
John Park
John Park@johnpark · Founder and Creative Director @artandsc
@t55 I have Copied for the iPhone but I haven't really gotten the hang of it. Can you share how you use it?
Mike M
Mike M@polyphonie
@johnpark @t55 It's a pretty straightforward app. The beauty of Copied is when using it to sync clipboard between two devices (iPhone to iPad or/and Mac). Use just on a single device it's nothing more than a clipboard manager. And the Mac app is the more powerful of the two version (eg. allowing you to set rules). MacStories wrote a good review and provided a good walkthrough of the app:
Vlad Korobov
Vlad Korobov@vladkorobov · Product Manager
Idea is great. But please make Mac app better. Let's talk in twitter about bugs :)