Make video shows with your fans — just by sharing a link.

Clipisode lets you make videos with your fans. 📹

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Clipisode is the easiest way to make quick, great-looking video shows with your fans. Dozens of companies have tried this before — including Facebook — and all of them failed. We’ve unlocked some unfair advantages. People don’t need to download an app to reply. They don’t have to join a new social network. And it’s not live, so your fans can look up answers and do re-takes before replying. It’s easy to use. Share a link to your intro video on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch or Instagram — and people send you video replies without leaving those apps. You keep the best replies, drag them into the perfect order and add an ending. It’s your show. You get the last word. Clipisode combines all of this into a single great-looking video with animated overlays featuring your guests’ names like they're on a TV talk show. Your fans want to help you win. Your fans want to be included in what you do. And your fans want recognition. When you include them in shareable video shows, they become an army of marketers — helping you sell more products, generate tons of buzz and recruit even more fans. Get your show on!
Here are examples from AXS TV and the BBC using Clipisode pre-launch:
"I used Clipisode when it was in beta last year with one of my conferences. We asked our speakers and attendees a question and ran their responses as a video show to kick off day one. There is no easier way to get video content from people all over the world. And your guest stars love seeing themselves on the big screen."
@scottabel I just got an email asking about using Clipisode specifically for conferences. They must have seen this. Wild. You were one of our first and best creators Scott. Thanks!
Very cool! Great work Brian.
Congrats Brian! Looks like a well made app. Can’t wait to check it out :)
@darrenlee Thanks! This is a fun day. The last time I launched something on Product Hunt was 3 years ago. @rrhoover's site has come a LONG way.
@brianalvey welcome back! 🙌🏼
@rrhoover So happy to be back.
I've been aware of this app for a bit... I make a live video product, and I love recommending Clipisode to my customers as a supplementary "anti-live" video product. It's an interesting way to engage users on their schedule, and for influencers, they can generate quality conversations with their superfans really quickly, with very little effort. It's a pretty big reward seeing someone you follow shout you out personally. I think Clipisode has a lot of potential. If I was a brand, social media marketer, etc., this would be something I'd probably implement stat.
@randallb Thank you Randall! It is definitely a spiritual cousin of Vidpresso.