Smart sensors monitor everything you care about (pre-launch)

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This is pretty interesting. A lot of these products have been popping up in the space. Curious to see how they differ—is it design, future capabilities/features, etc.?
@imcatnoone all you've mentioned. Simplifying usability and You'll be able to connect lot of other devices with two taps of you finger
Brb, gonna glue one of these to my cat's butt and see what kind of data I get out of it.
Really cool & from Poland <3
Hi Guys! I'm Bart one of the creators of Clime. I'm here Ready to answer all of your questions!
Especialy for @ProductHunt we are extending our cyber monday ! take a look on and use link so you can get 1 free sensor also on tuesday! We'll prepare more cool stuff for you guys, only here. Just feedback me and tell what would you like to get. thanks @rrhoover