Weather, just beautifully simple

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charlieMobile @Plan | ShastaVentures, Princeton
Finally a weather app with context. Love the bar charts to put some meaning to all the numbers and the push notifications for important updates (going to put my mom out of business). Great hunt, Peter!
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Juanma Altamirano
iOS Developer
Clima show you all weather information, just beautifully simple. A series of color bars can tell you at a glance exactly current temperature and weather, you can see much more information quickly with just a gesture, hourly forecast, daily forecast, precipitation chance, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, humidity, … I was inspired by Clear and a design of Eddie Lobanovskiy In the last version (2.1) Clima includes a Widget with the same style, simple and beauty, i really hope you like it ;) If you have any suggestions, please, let me know