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A client-friendly way to keep your projects organised

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Hey Product Hunters! Thanks Charlie for hunting my first product: Client Portal! I'm Laura and Client Portal was initially created by myself, for myself to use with my clients. When I started freelancing, I had 3 problems: 1. I used a lot of software. HelloSign for contracts, Nusii for proposals, GoogleDocs, Dropmark, you name it. Everything was hosted somewhere else and it was hard to keep track of. 2.Clients kept losing files I'd send them. Sometimes 6 months down the line I'd get a request to resend a logo I did for them yonks ago. 3. I was a bit insecure about my clients thinking I was an amateur. I wanted them to be wow'd by my process and I wanted to stand out amongst other freelancers. So I built a simple extension on my website. A dashboard which clients could log into that linked to all of their deliverables and project assets. This worked ridiculously well for me and my clients loved it. Over time, I started mentioning this in conferences I was speaking at and was met with a "where can I get me one of those?" so I decided to make Client Portal into a product—and here it is! Thanks so much for taking a look. I'd love to answer any questions you have about the product or hear any feedback you have on it. I'm always trying to make it better and more useful! -Laura P.s. I've created a special offer for Product Hunters. If you want to give it a spin and try it out, you'll get lifetime access, free updates (including worksheets and templates which are being released soon) and 10% off! (Just use the code PH10).
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I'm really happy to see that you decided to make a product out of this. Even for projects that warrant a full-blown task management app that you and your clients both access, having a single page portal that links to everything related to a project: the contract, original proposal, staging site, Dropbox directory, etc. is a *must*, both for my own sanity and the sanity of my clients ("Hey, what's the link to that thing we're using to send out newsletters again...?") Great job @laurium, and congrats on shipping your first product!
@brennandunn Thanks Brennan! I'm glad I listened to everyone at DYFConf and decided to ship it :-) unexpected but fun journey! Thanks for all of the encouragement along the way. (Also hope you're finding it useful with the Academy).
Hi guys, any demos or images of the portal? Is the wp plugin on ?
@joegeronimo3 Hey Joe, there isn't a demo but you can see the images in the screenshot, or see an example here: It's not on currently :-)
@laurium but it is a wp plugin? Im actually working the same way. Most of my custs have 'intranet' where I collect all there assets and internal apps. But if this is a wp plugin, i would be happy to test and try!
@ssstofff Yep, it's a WordPress plugin :-) looking forward to hearing what you think!
@laurium doing some localhost sandbox test on my train way to Paris. Feedback soon!
Great concept I would love to use it.
@kcaryas I'm currently offering demo's if you're interested? :-)
That looks an interesting alternative to Basecamp, and that you could keep control of it, on your own server or firewall could be an advantage for some clients.
@tristanbailey Yeah I tried Basecamp with some of my clients but it was too much for the kinds of projects I work on. (Great for teams though!). Clients ended up not using it which was frustrating. Luckily, this is much more simple, so clients tend to make use of it a bit more :-)