ClickUp 2.0

One app to replace them all

With ClickUp you can work on anything, with anyone. Think of ClickUp as Asana + Notion + Airtable + Jira + Slack.
• Tasks
• Chat
• Goals
• Docs
• Reminders
• Inbox
• Spreadsheets
• Time tracking
• Timelines
• 50+ proprietary features like Task Tray
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Hey, Product Hunt! 👋 We've been asked repeatedly to launch on Product Hunt over the past year but I just wasn't ready. As a product person, I'll probably never be satisfied with our product; so screw it, let's just do this! ClickUp was first created as an internal tool out of frustration from having to use several productivity tools—nothing allowed everyone to work together in one place. ClickUp isn't just project management software anymore, though; with the release of ClickUp 2.0, it's now a platform where everything you work on is in one place - tasks, docs, goals, chat, reminders, calendars, and even an Inbox. Plus, you can create and embed custom views. Our philosophy is listen to users, and ship fast - in line with our mission of making the world more productive. We ship a new version of ClickUp every single week - and we'll never stop. In just 1.5 years, we are incredibly lucky to be sustainable and profitable with over 60,000 teams using ClickUp, and we couldn't be more grateful. Our apps are available on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, PC, and many more: Coming soon: 📊 Dashboards ⚡Automation We're just getting started. Join us in making the world more productive! 💜 Zeb & team Bonus: Get 30% off ClickUp's Unlimited plan ($3.50/month) with promo code PRODUCTHUNT30
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@djcurfew You and the team have done a sterling job on this creation. You should be proud!
@adam_shepherd 💜 thanks Adam!
@djcurfew thanks for working so hard on ClickUp. I have never seen s product in the PM/productivity category that good and growing & developing that fast. I'm impressed and we're using it for half a year already and it's gooooood. It would be even better if we'd have Mac desktop notifications ;)
Thank you SO much to everyone for your incredible comments. Unfortunately Product Hunt has banned and censored us because we got too many upvotes. As someone who was so excited launching here especially given our product-led growth, I am very saddened to learn that a platform is censoring exactly what they claim to exist for. Product Hunt sucks anyways and needs some competition. I'm going to create a new product platform!
@djcurfew Looks pretty interesting!
I've tested dozens of project management tool (Jira + Podio + Trello + Mondays + Basecamp + Asana + Airtable +....) until I finally found ClickUp almost two years ago. We've been using ClickUp 2.0 since more than two months at Monito, and it's really amazing how it helped us re-organize the way we work. For me it's the exact right balance between a tool that is flexible enough to adapt to any workflow you want to put in place while being sufficiently opinionated for things to work intuitively for everyone in the team. One of the unique aspect for ClickUp for me is the ability to make really big kanban boards while using the "views" feature to create different views that zoom in on specific dimensions of the board. I'm amazed by the the fast pace at which the ClickUp team ships new feature (really looking forward to having automations), congrats @djcurfew
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@djcurfew @pascal_briod Can you share an example of this? Would love to see how you're using views inside Kanban. Still v much a ClickUp rookie and would love to leverage it more.
Clickup is the best platform I've ever worked on. I've been using it for months now and I've never been happier. We develop virtual reality projects at my company I love custom fields and the different views. and I use it to manage my personal life. it's just great
Amazing project management. Really has tons of unique tools that help you and your team just get shit done
Amazing management tool, adopted in our company after trial period of 2 months. The support is AMAZING. These people listen to the users. Keep it on guys