Starbucks' Order Ahead for every business

It's like Starbucks Order Ahead, for any business!

🏃 Order in seconds, collect in minutes.

For Businesses:

🕒Set up a store incredibly quickly and add products with your iPhone

🏬Drive more people in store

📈Add an additional revenue channel for your customers

👍Encourage loyalty and favourite orders

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it's easy to confuse with
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@stefan_bodenauer @thinkinpixels Yep, pretty confusing if you plan on doing business in the same areas.
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Thanks @milann ! It's a super simple concept - make your order online and pick it up in-store. Why Clickup is different: - No need for your customers to download another app - stores get their own short url. - Setup really does take minutes, add products and photos with you iPhone. - Totally customisable - your logo, not ours. - Low cost and no setup. We've resisted the temptation to create a marketplace - instead we want to be an awesome lightweight SaaS for small businesses. Think of Click-up like a POS but on users' phones :) We're testing with a handful of locations, and would love to hear what you think!
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This is beautiful, and such a great idea! Paul - have you thought much about how you could integrate with services like Deliveroo/Just Eat too?
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@sam_piggott Thanks so much Sam! Yeah definitely interested in working with others in the space- some obvious parallels. But for now I just wanted it to be super lightweight to test with a few places :)
What an idea!!! Do you think you'll add a marketplace? Be good to see a list of the suppliers using it. Will be keeping my eye on this one!
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@sam_hainsworth Thanks (also) Sam 😉 Marketplace is something we see as an opportunity down the line. Right now think of us as a mobile POS. Rather like iZettle than Deliveroo 😄
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@thinkinpixels Thats sounds great! Look forward to seeing it grow!
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Awesome work! I was noodling on this idea last week. So glad someone built it already!
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@gautch thanks man 😉