Host flawless, productive webinars, regardless of device and operating system. Make the most of your event and derive useful predictions and trends. Follow up with attendees and strengthen the relationships you’ve just started to build.
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It's surprising that ClickMeeting hasn't been on Product Hunt before. It's one of the few video conferencing products designed for a specific use case. In the case of ClickMeeting, it's for webinars. A lot of marketers *love* the product.
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@hnshah Yeah, I was about to say. It's very smooth and painless to work with. Surprised I hadn't heard of it.
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@hnshah Thank you so much for those kind words and for hunting our product! I've looked into your PH profile and your contribution here is incredible. I'm happy to help everyone with any ClickMeeting-related questions. Plus, if any of you have feedback on our product, please let me know, so we can improve asap. We're a webinar/conferencing solution for anyone, from freelancers to large enterprises. ClickMeeting is a browser-based solution, so you can join and run webinars from anywhere in the world. It's currently the safest option available, since no installations are required from our side. I do encourage you to give ClickMeeting a try and let me know your comments and thoughts. I'm always here to answer them. Have an amazing day, Magda from ClickMeeting
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What an incredible end-to-end solution for creating webinar experiences! Looking forward to trialling the product 👍
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@lachlankirkwood Lachlan, we're humbled to hear it. :) Please let us know, what you think and if the ClickMeeting team can help you in any way!
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a lot of our customers are using Clickmeeting but our company are using Everwebinar. Because they have some integration with marketing automation software and can add a tag when user have attended the webinar. It is very important feature. Do you have plan to add this feature?
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@anton_viborniy Let's hope so. Competition is usually good for the customer, so hopefully they'll continue to improve the product.
@anton_viborniy @erikmenhaim Hi! We already have some integrations with CRMs and marketing softwares, however there's no tagging available, yet. This is a great suggestion, though, thank you.
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