Draw, comment share anything inside any Youtube video.

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Our assumption is that with online video there is not much freedom for viewers to interact with the video. Of course there are many companies for "interactive video", but they are focusing on video creators or owners. We've built a product to allow viewers on YouTube to annotate any video in realtime, draw inside and share snaps and objects from within the video. We believe this is the way to bring real collaboration and engagement into the video.  We'd like to consider it as "Twitter meets Pinterest inside YouTube videos".
@alexbabin you've added a unique social layer on top of YouTube. Clever. How are you seeing people use it? Silly, fun doodling is obvious but are business/utilitarian use cases emerging?
@rrhoover Ryan, the fun thing is that silly doodling is about 30% only. We see the number of people using it for Twitter blogging increased recently. The top uses are: video games (highlighting special moments and objects), fashion (objects), sports. Honestly: our main product is for B2B. It is a API to integrate into any video-player to deliver the same functionality to viewers. The cool thing is that in that case, viewers don't have to install the app as it is built into the player.