Universal search bar for all your cloud apps.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2020
Clew is your central hub for workplace productivity. Search across all your tools in a snap. No need to dig through apps and folders when everything is searchable and shareable from one tool.
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Super pumped to share Clew with everyone here at Product Hunt! We’ve been building a universal search bar that lets you search across your cloud apps from one place. We want to make it so you don’t have to hunt for your files in disparate tools or ping people just to get the files you need. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got files scattered across a bunch of places. We haven’t committed to a single file storage system and we do work in many different specialized tools. Search costs can get really high, especially when you’re doing work in a team. We want to save you some precious hours and make your day a little easier. For this release, we’ve built three integrations: Google Drive, Dropbox, and Figma. This is just the beginning and we've got a lot of neat features in the works: • Drag and drop sharing within teams • Integrations for GitHub, Slack and Trello • Custom integrations (easily add your own custom data sources) We appreciate the up-vote and would love to hear what integrations you’d like to see next. 😸 – Clewniacs
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@ujzeee You should make the download option more visible, I spent at least five minutes going around to find what I have to do next or where I can download the app. Why not make the download button upfront on the homepage? Great product otherwise!
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@ujzeee Also just to let everyone know that there is no way to delete your account. I will keep emphasising on this as if it's like going in a shop without an exit! Please, anyone that provides a way to sign-up, you must also provide a way to delete the account. It's a must.
@owenfar1 Hey Owen! Thanks for the feedback and bringing that up! Sorry you had that experience, still super early on and we'll definitely be adding that option to the settings page. Currently you can reach out to us via Intercom and we'll delete your account and all associated data within a day. :)
This is honestly the one of the the most useful and well designed products I’ve ever used. Very easy set to set up, and adds a lot of value to my workflow because I have a lot of different files (and they’re all over the place!). The entire interface is also absolutely gorgeous. Overall very impressed with Clew! Looking forward to more integrations 😄
@amy_li1 Thanks for the love Amy! Glad you liked it 😸
Before using this I had no clew how to organize things!
Kudos on that one 👍🏻
@ruth_grace_wong Thanks Ruth!!! More integrations and features coming soon 😺
Great job with the product - especially the desktop version with quick search. Do you have plans to support multiple Google Drive accounts, though? I can't seem to add more than one as of now.
@abogawat Yes, that's definitely something we can add. We'll keep you posted on when that's out. Glad you liked it Ashish!
@abogawat @haishan_qian commenting cause I wanna stay in the loop as well! 😁