A 10+ pocket wrinkle-free liquid repellent blazer 👕

A Cleverly blazer is wrinkle-free, machine washable, 4-way full stretch, liquid repellent, 10+ multifunctional pockets with RFID protection, iPad storage, phone touchscreen features, and much more!

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How does the breathability compare with other breathable fabrics?
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@rmagrino Polyester tends to be less breathable than cotton blends, however, since the polyester we choose for the Cleverly blazer is made of a thinner construction and it is weaved with a mechanical 4-way stretch, the material is very breathable and is suitable for summer and is a all year weather fabric construction. The lining we chose is also relatively thin but yet strong in structure to support the multi pockets functions. Hope it helps
Can I put inside a Macbook?
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@sergii_san Hi Sergii, you can't put a MacBook inside our blazer, the maximum size it can afford is iPad.
First, great Gif! 2nd, great dribbling, pretty slick moves. 3rd, impressive product. Now, as a rule, not a fan of Kickstarters on PH. But this is for PH to deal with and if they want to ruin PH, that’s up to them. But, $159 to try this? You bet! In!
@surfy Thanks for your comment, and the price is $149 plus $5 global shipping. Hope it helps