Clever Layover

Combine round trip airfare from two airlines to save money

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I'm in love with this: it's my favorite HBS project for FIELD3. Combine two different roundtrip airfares with a "clever layover" to get there more cheaply.
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@ellenchisa nice find! I've seen so many travel-booking services but nothing like this. Very clever.
@ellenchisa @rrhoover Thanks for the positive feedback :) Adding one ways and a bunch of other hacks soon.
For more information on our thought process behind this, you can refer to this Quora post:
Reminds me of Hipmunk. Minus the cool flying Chipmunk.
@zaccoffman This isn't similar to Hipmunk at all. Hipmunk still wroks only with airline alliances and doesn't find the layovers or savings we do.
@kanand88 Interesting, I'll have to compare the 2 on a few future trips. I know Hipmunk had giving me several trips before where it added a 2 hour layover to cut my trip in half.
this looks very cool. recently I was visiting LA. It was cheaper for me to book a ticket to Vegas via LA and just not take the LA -> Vegas step than just to have a flight to LA alone.
@_jacksmith While that is true, we do not skip flights (unlike Skiplagged). We get a layover where the cost of the trip when you take all trips on the itinerary is cheaper. A big reason on why we are able to do this is that we do not constrain ourselves to airline alliances. So, we are able to find the cheapest flight overall and also use low cost carriers.
How does rebooking work when the first half of a leg is canceled or delayed and makes you miss the second connecting leg which is on a separate PNR from a non-partner airline? My guess is that the flyer just "missed" their second flight since it wasn't part of a unified PNR so the airline won't rebook and the passenger is SOL. :-)
@davidu We recognize this issue. In the long term, we want to use this to push airlines to work together irrespective of alliances. In the short term, we advise booking an insurance to counter this. On average, we see 30% of searches show an average savings of $230. the insurance for this kind of a trip works out to ~$50. So, you could buy the insurance and still save ~$180.