A social marketplace for collectors

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Fanuel Dewever
Fanuel DeweverHunter@fdewever · Founder Growth Architects & Crowd Angels
This is what happens when comicon and startups collide! No more fragmented collection experiences for passionate collectors!
Max Walker
Max Walker@reluctanthipstr · Founder, Windrush
Met these guys at Launch Festival. Awesome product idea, and super nice guys. Really excites the nerd in me!
Ryan Sheffer
Ryan Sheffer@ryansheffer · CEO, Zero Slant
Big fan of this product. Collectors are a niche audience that spend a lot of cash. I think the opportunity in this space is big.
Craig Zingerline
Craig Zingerline@craigzingerline · Product, Growth, Entrepreneuer
This is a huge market that is underserved and spends a lot of $$$. The Clect team is awesome, and product is solid with huge potential to dominate the space.
Nicolás Tourné
Nicolás Tourné@nicotourne · CTO and Co-founder of BeeReal
Great product. Interesting idea.