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Hey all, founder of Clearbit here! Clearbit provides data APIs for businesses. We currently have two public APIs: 1) An API for turning a domain name into information about a company (e.g. amount raised, size, location), 2) An API for turning an email address into public social information about a person (e.g. Twitter/Facebook handles, avatar, bio). Both APIs are incredibly useful for sales and risk analysis and have some happy customers like Stripe, Intercom and Baremetrics using them. These two APIs are just the start though. We aim to provide any kind of data API a modern business needs. In the pipeline we have address verification, IP geocoding, credit checks and many more!
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@maccaw Nice. I love these kind of products. Do you rely exclusively on public information scrapping – or do you also use a consumer-facing trojan horse/data-grabbing product like FullContact does?
@Virtualgoodz For the two APIs mentioned above we source almost all the data ourselves using publicly crawled data. In the future we're also going to be a middleman for some of the APIs. For example, for the background check API we're partnering with Microbilt to resell their SOAP API (abstracting it with a nice REST one naturally).
@Virtualgoodz Hi Simon. Brad from FullContact here. It's worth noting that the Address Book (which I believe is what you're referring to) does not feed information to the FullContact API. I'm happy to answer anything further. We have absolutely nothing to hide.
@BradMcCarty Really? OK. I'm a FullContact premium user so I guess I have "nothing to hide" either ;) I guess it seemed logical to me that the consumer-facing product would have fed – at least part of – the API's data in an anonymized way.
@Virtualgoodz Yes, really. While I definitely agree that it would make sense to do that, we take the protection of your private data way too seriously to "cross the streams" so to speak. Thanks for your business. It means a lot to us that people are willing to spend money on our products.
Clearbit is great. I've been using it to display more info about my users in my dashboard, and I can't believe how much great data it's surfaced. Also, if you're lazy (like I was), check out mailmatch.io – also created by @maccaw, using Clearbit data.
We've been using Clearbit on Baremetrics to power our Customer Profile feature (along with an upcoming feature we're releasing soon) and only have good things to say about it. Top notch API and the data returned is fantastic.
@maccaw you've been cranking out products lately! What made you want to build this?
I'm a big fan of Clearbit. In a very short time, they've built an impressive system for aggregating BI data online. I'm excited for more targeted applications for marketers and salespeople (like the slick https://mailmatch.io). Online data exhaust is a BIG problem and Clearbit brings a smart approach for making sense of it all.