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Turn Google Sheets into a powerful sales prospecting tool.

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I’m stoked to share our new Google Sheets integration with the Product Hunt community. Combining Clearbit's data and APIs with Google Sheets makes the ultimate sales prospecting tool. With a few clicks you can search for all the companies in your target audience and find their respective contacts. For example, you could search for every company using Marketo in San Francisco with over 50 employees, ordered by Alexa rank. You could then find the head of marketing and their email address, at each of those companies. Let me know if there’s any questions, or other ways in which we can improve.
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@maccaw awesome work Alex! This will be incredibly useful for our research!
@maccaw Alex, we're trying to connect with people who would love GitPrime and this looks like an incredible tool to reach them. Giving it a spin today. Happy to share our impressions and feedback.
@maccaw Rookie question, but how do you get the data on which companies are using Marketo?
@joshdance we've crawled the entire web looking for JS tags + DNS entries. Here are the technologies we currently return -
@maccaw Nice work Alex! Is there a process for submit new tags to be followed?
This is absolutely killer! We're already a very happy Clearbit customer here at Layer. This is a brilliant addition to the arsenal. Thanks @maccaw & crew!
@killcreek Thanks, Stevie. Thrilled to release this and very excited to get the team's feedback!
Very excited to implement this!
Amazing. Using Clearbit already to pull in startup data, this is just a whole new dimension. Great work guys.
This looks very similar like the Blockspring Google sheets add-on - is there some kind of collab going on?