Clearbit's Risk API

Identify spam signups & bad actors

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At some point while running a business online you'll invariable have to deal with an in-flood of spam/fake accounts and payments fraud. We're no stranger to this at Clearbit. As a data provider, we realized we were in a great position to solve this problem as we've built up a proprietary dataset of people, companies and IP addresses. Thus was born the Risk API. The Risk API takes an email & IP address, and returns an associated Risk score which you can use to block bad actors. Behind the scenes we look at such factors as whether an email address is disposable, whether the client is using a proxy, signup velocity, and more to determine an accurate risk level. Since this API gets more useful as more people use it, we're giving everyone *50k free requests* every month which should cover most people's needs.
There are several email verification api that have been doing similar. What additional is being offered here?
Excited for this - curious about the possibilities for lead disqualification here Do you have a way to test it? I notice you have something on your other enrichment product page to try an email address? I want to see if my go to spam email address scores high or low..
@edfryed it's a tough one to demo, as the test has to be under real world conditions. But to your example, if we couldn't find a social profile behind that email, or the name you supplied didn't match the one we have on file, that would raise the score. There are a lot of different factors that go into the score aside from the actual email. Also - poor Boris who's receiving all your spam! :)
This is really awesome!!!
Love all things clearbit. Keep up the amazing work gents.