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Alex MacCaw
Founder of Clearbit
Hello Hunters - good to be back! We're stoked to release the Discovery API, and I think this one will be especially interesting to those of you running SAAS businesses in search of new leads. We've been in closed beta for the past two months now, but we've seen some pretty awesome use-cases already such as: * Targeting similar companies Running all your existing customers through a `similar` query, finding look-alike customers. * Targeting specific tech We've also indexed the kind of technology and products a business uses. The means you can search for "all companies using Salesforce, in the Bay Area, with more than 500 employees". I'm excited to see the type of things the community is going to build on top of it!
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Jad Limcaco
Product Designer
This looks very useful. Also, big fan of Clearbit's Company logo API.
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Bakz T. Future
Founder, AtSign.co
Great hustle @maccaw! Been a pleasure to follow along with Clearbit's success on Startup Timelines: http://www.startuptimelines.org/... I really think business intelligence can enhance business success by so much and is largely an underexplored area. Great to see Alex and team putting in the work.
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Jeremy VossProduct, Snapchat
Another awesome API from Clearbit. Nice work guys!
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Just finished (last night) integrating with the Company API for Startuplister and have been super impressed with the data -- excited to dig into the discovery search!
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