Clearbit for Slack

Send all signups directly to a Slack channel

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Morning Product Hunters! Very excited to get this one out the door - Clearbit’s Slack integration! With our Slack integration, every time a new customer signs up for your product, we’ll take that email, find person & company data, and send it all to a Slack channel. Your team will know immediately who has signed up, as well as their role, seniority, employer, company size, etc. The integration is hosted and the only setup required is adding a snippet of JS to your signup page. It’s also free for the first 50 signups a month. Go give it a whirl!
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@maccaw this is great Alex,, congrats on shipping. Are we able to gain the same behaviour through the REST API rather than installing a JS snippet?
@maccaw This is awesome, such a great implementation.
@sirrawlins yes. Check out the Slack integration page - there's some curl/ruby/Python examples on there.
@sirrawlins Feel free to ping us on Slack with any questions!
@maccaw Off topic: Love the Chrome Extension, any chance of it working on Compose as opposed to just replies?
clearbit's product work rate is amazing. i'm already using 3 of their products, prospector, discovery and connect. amped to start using the slack integration, too!
This is fantastic! Been using Connect for a while, and played with the Enrichment API. Seen some versions of this using the open source code, but the proper integration will make it even easier to get quality data.
Cool, because I am currently hacking the process with another tool hunted here a while ago called StatsBot in addition to a Mixpanel Event to keep track of signups - but this sounds way cooler with all the enhanced information included :) Schweeeeet
@orliesaurus thanks for mention :)
Congrats Alex & Team. Always a big fan :)