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It's been over a year since we released Connect for Gmail (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) We now have a version for the other 80% of the business world that uses Outlook! This version has all the same awesome features as our Gmail extension, including sidebar profile enrichment and email prospecting. Let us know if you have any questions as you check it out!
Very cool. Reminds me of Xobni. Interesting to see how products and platforms evolve to serve old needs in new ways.
Always loved the chrome / gmail extension. I'm glad to see it translated to Outlook too now!
Impressive. Do you have any insights to share regarding technical and or user experience hurdles that you had to overcome to get this done?
@__tosh Great question. There were definitely some hurdles, but the Office/Outlook developer environment has come a long way and is relatively easy to work with. @davidlumley was our lead developer on the project and can probably speak quite a bit more to that! :)
Honestly one of the biggest challenges was that the Office365 teams involved are constantly trying to improve the product and integration features available! Technically, you're slightly limited by being in an iFrame but the OfficeJS API available for communicating with the Outlook environment is mostly consistent across platforms and provides a good level of abstraction. The UX side has also been fairly good — the real estate available is very similar across web, Mac OS, and Windows so you can be fairly confident your users are going to get a consistent experience. iOS is slightly different, but provides a similar experience albeit with one column in view at a time.
How do you ensure the accuracy of the data? @maccaw