Claw II

World's smallest keyring multitool

#1 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2018

Claw II 🐾 is the world's smallest multitool made from Grade 5 Titanium.

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Hey guys, We've improved the design of our Claw multi-tool by making little smaller, a little sharper and more resistant . Let us know what you think. I'll be here to respond to any questions you have! Also if you'd like one, or two or three 😉 Type PRODUCTHUNT at checkout and get 34% OFF the order. Best, Jay
I saw this on Kickstarter, proud backer here! They delivered on time and it’s an excellent product, kudos to you malboro Got this off touch of modern a few months ago, love it!
@shinkaikenji Thanks for the comments!
This might be the best explainer GIF I've seen all year
@rrhoover I'm humbled by this. Thank you Ryan :)
@rrhoover Since when product hunt has become a place for drop shipping scams?
@rrhoover @huangdun Wow Dun, it seems your reply wasn't very well thought out. That's a ripoff of another bottle opener released years ago which is more than 2x as big as the Claw. Upon testing, those that were bought from Aliexpress got dented and lost their structure, while pieces flew off others. Do let me know if you find a ripoff Claw, we can file a design patent claim so they can't mess with our customers too.
For that price that's robbery. No even an original idea.
@huangdun I’m with you man. Plenty of stuff like that out there
@huangdun @stas_kulesh Sure I guess, if you're looking for a low quality item, that's the way to go. The two links you showed us are copies of other products which creators worked hard to build and somebody has knocked off with a cheap material and build quality.
@huangdun @jaypius12 They claim the material is great, the design is original. The looks are not identical https://www.everythingisaremix.i... I respect your interest in designing everyday things, I guess the next actionable item would be to make it affordable. A solid metal key ring thingy should not cost as much as, say, a sophisticated piece of electronics such as Chromecast.
Look great. Any plans to integrate with an orbit key key organiser?
@rdlou Not as of yet, could you explain a little further what you mean?
@rdlou @eivindml Interesting. This is something I will take back to the team and see, since we're going for tiny and they're going for average sized.
@rdlou @jaypius12 Yeah. It's sort of two different things, and the OrbitKey provides an accesory with pretty much the same features. So maybe not so interesting to add it to that after all.
@rdlou @eivindml Hi Eivind, I get what you meant, and it makes sense. Though thinking closely it could actually work. Thanks for the suggestion