24/7 broadcast of Stanford videos

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All of this content is available on-demand so the addition of chat might change the experience for the better. I can imagine people chiming in with their questions, thoughts, or additional resources (e.g. blog posts on the topic being covered). What are you planning to add next, @jibly?
@rrhoover the chat is the main driver. It's slightly unfortunate it got hunted already because of some work I'm doing on the chat, but that's the part that makes it stand out from 'MOOCs'. The problem with MOOCs is that you feel lonely, watching a bunch of videos and then never finishing your course. With I'm trying to take the social campus experience and blend it with online video so, just like in real life, you can ignore the professors and spend most of your time chatting with your classmates and make new friends. Besides chat, I'll be adding categories for specific subjects so you can watch and learn with likeminded people.
@rrhoover **Update** Just enabled chat, for the full experience. Feel free to join the conversation
@jibly amazing. That was fast! ⚡️
Super interesting stuff here!
@jibly the chat is an awesome addition, but would be better with timestamp and possibly tagging people :)
@ianissoawesome totally agree Ian! Just added this quickly, but most of the work is to make chat become awesome.
this is so awesome
Netlodge has all of these videos, all from every kind of University as well.