ClassicPress 1.0 “Aurora”

The business-focused CMS. Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.

ClassicPress is a community-led, business-focused fork of WordPress that builds upon the foundation that made WP the most popular CMS in the world.
Aurora is a LTS version for businesses who want the power & stability of WP 4.9 but seek a stable alternative.
  • Build it, break it.
    Build it, break it.Director, Point and Stare

    WP without the BS.


    Needs more theme and plugin devs to come on board but, that'll come in time.

    Dread filled my heart when the future of WP started filtering through and as much as I wanted to stay with WP, the introduction of Gutenberg and the forthcoming 'improvements' tied in with the total lack of empaphy from the top brass made me search for something else. Thankfully this is where ClassicPress came into play. Future projects are being slowly but surely switched over.

    Build it, break it. has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Friendly and supportive community. Continues the great tradition of WordPress without all the recent upheavals.


    Needs more themes and plugin developers to get on board, but this is starting to happen.

    The community can decide where ClassicPress is going via a petition system. This is open source the way it should be. A stable and secure CMS with no surprises. I'm currently running about 20 sites on ClassicPress with no issues.

    Alan Coggins has used this product for one month.
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Pádraig Ó BEIRN
Pádraig Ó BEIRN@padraig_o_beirn
I have used WordPress for over 10 years and, for the first time, have decided to move to an alternative cms. My choice is ClassicPress as it does not have the writing straitjacket which is Gutenberg. I do not like the direction WordPress is taking and feel very much at home in the ClassicPress community.
Wade Striebel
Wade StriebelHunter@wadestriebel · Founder of Airranged
Starting with Aurora, the ClassicPress v1 series is a long-term support (LTS) version for businesses who want the power and stability of WordPress 4.9.x and are seeking an equally stable alternative solution. Since all existing plugins and themes that are supported on WP 4.9.x are supported in ClassicPress 1.0, Aurora is also ideal for those that find that WordPress 5.0+ is no longer a fit for them. Download or Migrate today! For a list of new or changed functions and filters in ClassicPress 1.0, see this post.