Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.

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After a year in beta, we’re excited to publicly introduce Clara: your partner in doing great work. Clara saves you hours a week by scheduling your meetings, and is already working with hundreds of great teams (Airbnb, Stripe, Pinterest). Clara is the first truly human interface: an intelligence trained on high-quality data, labeled by the distributed efforts of smart people 24/7. Clara is getting smarter, faster than any system of its kind. Get back to the things that matter. Add Clara to your team, or email me at with questions.
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@marannelson Love the design of the site! I've seen a couple of other AI start ups trying to tackle the problem of scheduling meetings. How are you differentiating yourself from what the others are doing?
@marannelson I have several friends also using Clara, and we love the intuitive design. May I know your vision of Clara?
@marannelson can you add me to the waiting list?
@andrewlinfoot @marannelson Hi Andrew-- We believe the bar to bringing this experience into the mainstream requires a high level of product quality, and do not see our customers as data farms for poorly-performing algorithms. We are applying the same natural language and machine learning techniques (classical and modern, where applicable) as anyone in the space — we are experts in building scalable systems and machine learning. That said, a key difference here is that our ML is used to both drive automation and surface important information to human contractors, resulting in a better customer experience. Most products only focus on driving automation; their business models (usually cheap to free) require it. Consequently, this human-in-the-loop involvement also serves as a feedback loop to labeling the success or failure of our algorithms, meaning Clara gets smarter, faster than anyone else could.
@joannejrr @marannelson Hi Joanne-- People - and technology - are always in a transition of some kind. Though we've recently invented a new platform in computing, we still interact with this technology in unintelligent, inhuman ways (spreadsheets, manual information-shuffling). We believe creating truly intelligent, intuitive interfaces to computing is the next step forward. Scheduling is an incredibly powerful starting point, and was really the beginning of everything for Clara. We care about this pain point personally, and have built incredibly intimate relationships with hundreds of people in helping do this work for them over the past year and a half. We hope that by executing relentlessly well on our vision for Clara, we'll start giving people time back in really huge ways.
The team at Mattermark has been using Clara for about a year, and it's been one of the better decisions we've made as far as tools go. When you wake up with a cold and all you have to do is grab your phone and write an email to Clara with a request to reschedule the day, it's incredible. Maran calls Clara a truly human interface. Our Clara is called Claudia. It's interactions are so human that we have a running joke with new hires because they always ask where Claudia is when they get in the office. It's going to be exciting to see where this goes! Congrats on the launch.
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I've just started using Could anyone who has experience with both compare and contrast?
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Clara is a brilliant product. Maran isn't exaggerating when she says "truly human interface" -- which is what makes Clara special. There's a surprisingly huge leap from solving the mechanical problem of scheduling meetings (you can use a form on your end or the counterparty's, or a series of bulleted options, or a shared calendar, etc. etc.) to presenting a human interface that can accommodate nuance, natural language, and, frankly, real life. The first time you see Clara deal with a unexpected situation, you'll understand how meaningful that difference is. Congratulations to Clara Labs on the launch!
@marannelson how have you evolved your thoughts around pricing?
@eriktorenberg would also be curious to learn about this. if i remember correctly, the prices were higher in the beta phase
@eriktorenberg Evolved. heh. Translation: When are you going to get off the crazy train?
@eriktorenberg Great question. We've learned a lot about pricing. A couple things— We only care about pricing as a means to an end: we want to give people a great experience with Clara that scales to support as many teams as possible. In the interest of that, we've added price points that accommodate Individuals, as well as Teams, affordably. That said, we believe in the same things now that we always have ( We want to open up a fundamentally new market for this user experience - Clara costs less than 10 times its human alternatives - while promising and delivering on reliability at scale. Let me say again: the cost of messing up a meeting is too high to provide a mediocre service, and Clara will succeed or fail as the consequence of how we manage the trust we are given by our customers.