Personal finance app for iPhone

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@meiwin I'm getting a 403 on the homepage :(
I've been using this for the past few months. Picked it up mainly for the light-weight data entry. Gives me insights and a neat breakdown of what I'm spending/wasting my money on. @meiwin anything to share on your experience building the app?
@PieterPaul Thanks! It was fun, I built this app because I couldn't find anything that I want, that is something that allows me to enter my expenses very quickly. Spent weeks playing with different design and actually scrapped one of the prototype after spending a month on it.
Slick little UX bits in the app. Spiffy.
Would be super cool if you could hook this up with your bank account, but unfortunately those things aren't easy to fix :(
@JulianGijsen yes, especially in Asia, banks are pretty 'closed'.