Michael Akilian
@akilian · CTO, Clara Labs
We're excited to be back on Product Hunt with Clara 2.0 -Clara is now more accurate than a human, read more here: http://bit.ly/2lJVSDt -Clara now has a visual dashboard to see real-time scheduling status and manage meeting preferences. -Clara has new entry pricing starting at $99/month. -Clara now offers a free two week trial, you can start one at https:... Show More
Scooter Taylor
@scootertaylor · Looklive
I must say, the video was impressive! It's like...magic! Kudos to y'all!
Antonio Bustamante
@antonio_bustamante · Designer, Engineer at Kite
This is awesome. I actually don't think the price is that crazy. The price matches the market target of the product: people heavy on meetings without the access to capital to hire a full-time PA or contract one I just have a few small suggestions about the website and the marketing materials. The call to action in the homepage, where you ask for users'... Show More
@christinahahaha · platejoy, ceo
Just signed up for the free trial - whoo!!!
Naomi Assaraf
@nassaraf · CMO, Technophile, pancake lover.
I think I know exactly how to use this. @marannelson & @akilian: Do you have packages for orgs so that my entire company can use the service? https://media1.giphy.com/media/5...
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