Clara 2.0

Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.

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We're excited to be back on Product Hunt with Clara 2.0. -Clara is now more accurate than a human, read more here: -Clara now has a visual dashboard to see real-time scheduling status and manage meeting preferences. -Clara has new entry pricing starting at $99/month. -Clara now offers a free two week trial, you can start one at Lastly, for today only, we're offering 20% off Clara the first 3 months for all PHers in honor of Valentine's Day. Once you sign up for a two week free trial just send an email to with subject line Product Hunt Valentines to redeem this offer. Happy hunting, and excited to dive into deeper discussion in the comments!
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@akilian @claralabs who is your target customer that's willing to pay $99/mo+?
I would be more inclined to pay 99 bucks a year for unlimited meetings rather than 99 bucks a month for 20 meetings.
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@tombielecki @akilian @claralabs Probably anyone who can't afford paying thousands of dollars/month for a personal assistant.
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Oustanding product. Switched to Clara after my experience with which caused some of my contacts to get mad for calls scheduled at 2 am and other mishaps. Probably due to the human/AI hybrid (vs full AI of, Clara never seems to fail, always responsive and handles people's schedules like I could never do!
@christinahahaha @tombielecki @akilian @claralabs this is not really the point since by paying thousands of dollars for a personal assistant you'll get more than just meetings. I don't think Clara will be able to make you a coffee or open the door when some customers are arriving. I will definitely pay $99 a year for a just-meetings assistant.
I must say, the video was impressive! It's like...magic! Kudos to y'all!
This is awesome. I actually don't think the price is that crazy. The price matches the market target of the product: people heavy on meetings without the access to capital to hire a full-time PA or contract one. I just have a few small suggestions about the website and the marketing materials. The call to action in the homepage, where you ask for users' work email address, is very clear and spot on, but the pricing page lacks that. When I go to the pricing page, I can see the tiers, but there's no clear call to action. I can't directly purchase one of the plans, which probably means you're missing out on users who don't need a trial, they just want to purchase it straight away. For your market target, this is probably a reasonable chunk of users. But let's say you do want users to go through the trial first; in the pricing page there's no Start Trial button, just a "Already on a trial? Sign in to subscribe" that is hard to see and is a bit cryptic. I think some people have mentioned a video, but I can't find it. Looking forward to try it out!
@antonio_bustamante I also have a problem with that price point. if you're that heavy on meetings, you should be able to afford an assistant...
Just signed up for the free trial - whoo!!!
I think I know exactly how to use this. @marannelson & @akilian: Do you have packages for orgs so that my entire company can use the service?
@nassaraf @marannelson Definitely, feel free to reach out to discuss ( once you sign up for a two week trial!