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I love the neighborhood recommendation feature on Airbnb which allows hosts to help their guests find the bests local spots. Compared to public reviews on tripadvisor, I feel these are much more unbiased and personal. Unfortunately Airbnb doesn't expose these beyond a specific rental listing. So to help me discover restaurants and bars around while traveling, I've indexed these local recommendations, grouped them together and placed them on a map. On mobile the links go straight to Google Maps to get the directions. Hack: By taking into account the price of the refering Airbnb listing I make an educated guess of what kind of place it is.
Nice project, @yvoschaap. cc'ing a few Airbnb folks that are on PH: @gustaf, @joebot, @lennysan.
@rrhoover thanks! But you forget to upvote ;)
@yvoschaap :) my bad. I'm actually flying to NYC right now, staying in an Airbnb for the first time.
@rrhoover I traveled the whole US west coast using Airbnb .. works as advertised ;)
Really nice project. One of my favorite things about using AirBnB are the host recommendations (some hosts do AMAZING jobs preparing their recommendation lists/letters). To me, the personal localization is is AirBnB's big differentiation (vs staying in a hotel). I will definitely play with this more.
@dskaletsky I think the quality of these local (but more or less hidden) recommendations are a real treasure trove, and thus a great source to get great recommendations in an area (as my project hopefully shows).
@yvoschaap I added Citytrip to my curation of great products/services that Airbnb hosts should know about: (see the "Guest Food & Drink Recco's" section). Cheers!