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Citysocializer is an online to offline social platform and community to meet new people and make new friends. Members post up and host "socials" for each other and invite anyone from the community to join them. Everyone chats together online beforehand to break the ice then meets up and has an awesome time doing something fun together.

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Hey guys, I'm Sanchita the founder of citysocializer. We're really happy to be here - citysocializer is all about bringing laid-back likeminded people together in the real world for fun nights out and doing more of the things they like with nice people around them. Here to answer any questions! Sanchita
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@ubersaha Hi Sanchita, I think anything to do with 'the real world' is super interesting right now. It seems like the past 5 years has shed alot of stigma to online dating but new friend meet ups via online still feel kinda awkward? Would love to hear more about your thoughts/experiences on this and what you do on CS to help counter the high friction of getting people to meet in real world; first time user experience hacks etc. Cheers!
@cpresc Hey Chris, thanks for the question. So once you join a social that someone is hosting, there is a social chat to break the ice with others before you meetup, the host is on hand to answer any questions and coordinate everyone when they meet. But also, the people who host socials for others within the cs community tend to be real naturals at getting people together, making people feel at ease, making introductions etc. What we find is once people go to their first social, and see that the people they meet are totally "normal" - sociable, outgoing, confident folk like themselves they become hooked. And then once they've been to a few they build the confidence to host their own social to their favourite bars or doing their favourite activity - whether it's a concert they want to go to or just their local happy hour..
@ubersaha Interesting, thanks for sharing, so it's all about optimising time to value and getting people to their first CS gig asap! Would love to know what event invites convert first time users the best, big group parties or smaller more intimate meets? the former feels like more anxiety but less awkwardness and vice versa!
@cpresc Exactly - the highest converting "socials" for first time users are our New Member nights at local bars so you know you're gonna meet a bunch of other newbies in a casual environment. No name badges or any awkward "games" like speed-dating so to anyone else watching it just looks like a bunch of friends meeting up.
@ubersaha ah.. makes sense and an interesting insight. Tbh I didn't really consider the observation dynamic.. reminds me of Kathy Sierra's minimum viable badass tactics. Thanks for sharing and good luck with progress!
Tried this social meetup tool while in NYC and London. It was lovely. I met new friends and had some amazing experiences.
@writerpollock Thanks so much for your kind words Tristan.
London is a fantastic city, but it can be daunting for new residents. City Socializer is a great way to meet new people and build your real world social network (while having a lot of fun at the same time).
@andybudd Awesome review Andy, thanks so much.
Easiest way to actually meet new people in the Big City.
@kubafilipowski Great to hear your experience Kuba!
I've used this app on and off for a few years and always had a great time at their meetups. @ubersaha what's the deal with the mobile app? Is there one? Is it different to the website?
@simonswords Thanks for the kind words Simon! Yea there's an iphone app and a great mobile website right now..