Outsmarting crime. Together.

CityCop is a social platform for community watch, through which users can report crimes and receive real time alerts about crimes that take place in their areas of interest, such as their homes, work, schools and more.

CityCop democratizes access to crime data, and uses AI & Machine Learning to predict and prevent crime from even happening.

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Angelo Embuldeniya
Product Strategist. Investor.
CityCop is an app aimed at improving public safety which indicates the safest areas and routes using UGC (user generated content). They aggregate all of this information about crime, which today is fragmented and scattered everywhere or in many cases is not available at all. On one hand CityCop is giving users the ability to report a crime in a few seconds and on the other includes all of these other sources of information, such as official public safety reports, social media and other channels. This helps people and businesses understand how safe a given area is in any part of the world.
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Aelia Yousafco-founder/ceo - 48 Cubes Inc.
This is actually a great idea - don't know why apps like this don't get up that many votes. Great job guys. Is this just US based or can it be used in Canada as well?
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@aelia_yousaf thanks for your comment. We're currently in US and LATAM, but looking forward to expand to more geographies.
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Caleb Del BegioCOO @ Mealime
Great idea. I live in a rental apartment building and the landlords don't publicize break-ins. Despite our place being broken into on three separate occasions, I still run into other tenants who have no idea our building is a target for thieves. Please bring to Canada!
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